Seven benefits of edible landscaping

Welcome to the world of Grow pro where we help you transform any urban space into an aesthetically pleasing, bountiful garden. With Foodscape, you can grow your own food without owning a garden or sacrificing a beautiful setting.

There’s plenty of benefits too, so here we’ve put together our top seven to help you along…

  1. Higher quality produce

Commercial farms use chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizers for mass production - which not only strips our food from nutrients and flavour, it also isn’t necessary, especially when growing your own. Commercial farms are willing to sacrifice flavour and nutritional value for higher yields and we believe you deserve better. The best way to ensure the safety and quality of your food is to keep an eye on it yourself. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the food you eat when you’re in control. Edible landscaping gives you peace of mind by bringing the farm to your table and providing a safe and reliable source of food which makes it cheaper, cleaner and more flavourful by cutting out the supply chain.

  1. Living plant to plate

Edible landscapes can help you get creative in the kitchen - and new ingredients lead to new recipes. Freshness and flavour are at their highest in crops when consumed right after harvest - which is why growing your own food is essential to discover the true flavours of our food. You can choose when to harvest some fresh tomatoes, or pick up some herbs for a specific recipe. Use what’s in season to make your salads and dishes burst with flavour and discover new ones along the way.

  1. Grow food not lawns

An edible landscape helps you save time and money. Why spend time on trips to the store, driving through traffic, waiting in line to check out just for some fresh herbs and veggies for dinner, when your roof, garden or balcony can have everything you need? Home grown produce is also cheaper than organic store-purchased options, so your wallet will thank you too.

Edible landscapes create functional, productive and aesthetically pleasing spaces which is a lot more than what traditional landscapes can offer.

  1. Physical and mental benefits

Gardening can act as a light physical activity while helping you reconnect with nature.

This essential life skill is a great way to spend time outdoors to get some much-needed vitamin D. Gardening is also known for its therapeutic benefits. Spending time outdoors, caring for a garden and harvesting can be quite meditative, and can help improve your mental wellbeing.

  1. Redefine your space

A beautiful and well-designed space provides comfort and relaxation. Redefine how you spend your time at home by turning a cluttered roof, grass covered lawn or empty balcony, into your safe haven - a space you can benefit from and enjoy. Surround yourself with aesthetically pleasing and productive greenery, take in the view, breath in the aromas and enjoy the harvest.

  1. Engage the whole family

Sowing, watering, and harvesting are just some of the tasks the whole family can get involved in. From children, to people at retirement age and everyone in between, there’s really no limits to who can contribute. Growing your own food is also educational and a great learning opportunity for everyone, especially children, so that they can find out where their food comes from and how to live healthier lifestyles.

  1. Develop a community

Edible landscapes are also a great way to engage the community! It can bring your family, neighbours, co-workers, teammates and communities together to bond and engage in the earthiest method of green living. If a private space isn’t available why not look into shared spaces to build gardens that can be tended to collectively by any given group. Community gardens can be public or by invitation, and members can come together to engage in gardening and harvesting as a social activity. Why not start one today?

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