Cherry Tomato Care Guide

Growing cherry tomatoes is an easy and rewarding process. Once your cherry tomato flowers you are only a few days away from biting into a sweet and juicy cherry tomato. To ensure you get to that stage we’ve prepared a Cherry tomato care guide to help you through this journey. 


  • Cherry tomato seedlings will need to be transplanted once purchased from a nursery. To transplant prepare your container or bed with Growpro potting mix and crush any soil lumps you come across. 
  • Remove each seedling from its container and loosen roots very gently  
  • Plant the seedlings deep with only the topmost leaves above the soil.  
  • Cover seedling with soil around stem and pack in place 
  • Water generously. 

Cherry Tomato Care 

  • Pinch off cherry tomato suckers that appear on stem. Suckers will show up where the branches meet the stalk and forms a ‘v. Remove suckers that appear at these junctions that way your plant can focus its energy on producing the fruit. 
  • If your cherry tomato plant starts to get bushy support it with a stalk or trellis to avoid fruit touching the ground where four legged predators can get access to it. 
  • Water cherry tomatoes generously and make sure soil is continuously moist. 
  • Harvest cherry tomatoes by twisting them off stem once they are bright red and firm to touch. Cherry tomatoes will continue to grow if you pick the ripe fruit every day or two  
  • Use Neem oil to repel pests such as white flies, aphids, cutworms, and flea beetles  
  • Check the underside of the leaf for cabbage looper worms you can remove these worms by hand and place them in a solution of dishwashing soap and water.