Community Gardens

Grow Your Own Food!

We build gardens that can be tended to collectively by any given group, bringing people together to engage in the earthiest method of green living. Community gardens can be public or by invite, where members can come together to engage in gardening as a social activity.


Planning and designing 

We plan and design community gardens, and provide the establishment or individuals responsible for it with all the tools and guidance needed to maintain a successful and thriving project. We can also provide counsel on division of labor, and remain available for future consultancy once the garden is up and running.


Maintenance and management

Often referred to as crop-sharing as well, community gardens bring members of a community together, to share crops they have grown in their community garden plots with other members of their community.  

Foodscape believes community gardens are an integral part of sustainable development, and so we aim to propose, execute, and operationally manage the models – including management of members and outside resources – to grow and promote the concept.


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